May 11

2016 HCCC Telethon

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Mar 21

About Us

Howard County Children’s Center began operation in the annex of a local church building in 1971, providing services to 12
individuals with disabilities ages 3-35. With the help of community leaders, the center received a state grant the following year,
and HCCC was off and running.  In the years to come, several additions, of buildings, staff, and clients, would evolve as the need arose.

Only six years into the dream, Poulan, now Husqvarna, began contracting with the center for parts for weed eaters and
chainsaws. This provided a valuable service to both the company and the center, allowing a viable workforce to contribute to the
community while earning income to help support themselves. The success has been elevated to the level where the center now
purchases and stocks all of the needed parts for assembly to be sold to Husqvarna. A new 20,000 square foot building now stands
on 18 acres and includes a warehouse and recycling center for paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans.  Group housing for 34 residents was provided in 1983, thanks to a loan from HUD.  Adults learn to become self-sufficient in personal grooming, hygiene, housekeeping, and careers.  Transportation is provided by the center.

In 1993, daycare for non-handicapped children was started, and was integrated with the developmentally disabled pre-schoolers.
By the late 90’s, more infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers were being identified with various handicaps. The waiting list continued
to grow… Expanded classrooms were needed to accommodate the demand. In the pre-school, students receive various therapies
as needed, in addition to a curriculum under the supervision of a certified teacher.

Also, in the late 90’s, referrals and public awareness grew. Referrals came from such places as Children’s Hospital, counseling
and mental health agencies, doctors, health units, and other providers of services for a person with disabilities.
Along with expanding services and the need to accommodate the area, staff also grew with certified personnel and support staff,
including speech; physical, and occupational therapists, and even a part-time psychologist, to assist in the needs of the clients.
A bass tournament, sponsored by Husqvarna, a golf tournament sponsored by Tyson Foods, and a telethon, sponsored by the
Nashville Rotary Club, all play a part in the ever increasing demand and calling to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
The Howard County Children’s Center Board, director, and staff invite you to become a part of this important service to those
individuals who may not have a fighting chance otherwise. Your interest in this project can make a difference!

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Mar 21

HCCC Bulldog Special Olympics Basketball Team

Bulldogs Win Gold at Special Olympics

HCCC Special Olympics Bulldog Basketball Team Wins GOLD

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May 05

2016 Rotary Sponsored Telethon – May 11

Please join the Howard County Children’s Center in their 19th Annual Telethon. This event will be held in the ATRIUM AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS COSSATOT ON  May 11 from 7:00 – 10:00.

It will be broadcast live on our Website and Facebook page  and CCCUA 88.5 radio.

Come to the Cossatot and join us for great food and fellowship.
Call 1-888-677-5075 or 870-845-1211 to make a pledge.


There is also a gofundme account on facebook at Howard County Childrens Center.

All proceeds will go for the building of a new Daycare, DayHab, and Therapy Center for the Children.



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Apr 27

HCCC Video

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Sep 03







DDS Licensure Visit

Tuesday, February 9th, Board Meeting—Monitor Day Programs

Saturday, February 13th, Valentine Banquet




Saturday, April 9th, Bass Tournament @ Lake Greeson

Tuesday, April 124th, Board Meeting—Nomination of

Directors and Officers


Grandview Fishing Trips, May 6th  & 7th   and May 20th  & 21th,

Tuesday, May 10th, Board Meeting—Annual Business Mtg.-

Wednesday, May 11TH, Rotary Radio -Thon,

Friday, May 13TH , Pre-School  Graduation,

Monday, May 30th, Center Closed—Memorial Day


Friday, June 3,  Adult Awards Banquet @ 6:30 p.m.


Monday, July  4TH —Closed for 4th of July

Tuesday, July 12th,—Board Meeting



Monday, September 5th , Center Closed—Labor Day

Tuesday, September 6th, Board Meeting @   Supported Living    @ 6:00 p.m.—Monitor S. L. Programs

September 23, St. Jude Trike-A-Thon


Saturday, October 1st  Tyson Sponsored Golf Tournament

Saturday, October 8th – Eagles Hayride

Tuesday, October 11th, Board Meeting-Audit Report and

2016 Program Goals


Thursday, November 24th, & Friday, November 25th,

Center Closed—Thanksgiving Holidays


Christmas Dance, December 3, 6:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Tuesday, December 6th , Staff Christmas Dinner

Monday, December 26th   thru Friday, December 30th,  Center Closed                                                                                                       Christmas Holidays





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Jun 06

HCCC Clients Raise Money for Relay for Life

Clients with the Howard County Children’s Center raised $836 for the Howard County Relay for Life by selling t-shirts.

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May 08

HCCC Telethon

HCCC invites you to watch our 2014 Annual Telethon online. You may make an online donation by visiting our GoFundMe account.

Follow the link to watch the telethon live now. Click Here.

We thank everyone for your continued support.


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Dec 07

Weyerhaeuser Grant

Weyerhaeuser Grant

The Howard County Children’s Center has been awarded a $6,000 grant from the Weyerhaeuser Giving fund  to create a community cardboard recycling program.

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Jun 26

KAB/Coca Cola Recycle Bins

The Howard County Children’s Center will get a boost to our recycling efforts this summer thanks to a significant grant made possible by the Coca-Cola Foundation.  HCCC received 10 recycling bins designated specifically for placement at Nashville City Park.  Recipients were chosen by Keep America Beautiful based on a number of criteria including level of need, recycling experience and the abilityof applicants to sustain their program in the future.


KAB/Coca Cola bins for the Nashville City Park

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